Little Red Riding Hood
Tom Leathers & Luna Seven

Who are Tom Leathers and Luna Seven?
They appear out of nowhere and present this unique project.
However, neither are unwritten papers.
Leathers can look back on a long career, including as a drummer for the successful tribute band "Johnny Cash Experience" and as a media expert as part of his long-term self-employment as a graphic designer, photographer and videographer.
Luna Seven has been delighting her audience for many years with predominantly German-language music and is known and loved for her crystal voice.
You can get a lot more information about the creators of the project "Little Red Riding Hood" on the websites of the two musicians:

Tom Leathers

Luna Seven

Other helping hands of the project

Of course, it is hardly possible that such a project can be realized without the help of other people.
At this point we would like to thank Manfred Mantik, who with his calm and serenity not only took over the camera work during the video shoot, but also used his expertise in the mix and mastering of the song and was thus largely responsible for the overall sound of the title .
Martin Maurer was also involved in the project, to whom we would also like to thank. Not only did he use his double bass for the unique bass sound, but he was also available to help and advice from Germany during the entire production process.
Also a big thank you to the costume designer from Taller Elbanar on Tenerife for the tailor-made Riding Hood costume.
We would also like to thank Detlef Jahnson, Inga and Melanie for their dedication during the first attempt at filming the video clip, which we unfortunately had to stop at the first scene due to bad weather.

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