Little Red Riding Hood
Tom Leathers & Luna Seven

The fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf is known to everyone. But now this story is taking on a new twist.
Little Red Riding Hood is a song that is interpreted by Tom Leathers (formally Tom Darkwolf) and Luna Seven and shows how the two well-known characters walk together through the woods to her grandmother.
The tension between Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf and the relationship that develops between the two on the way are emphasized.
The song reproduces this mood in a unique way and the deep voice of Tom Leathers (as the bad wolf), as well as the clear voice of Luna Seven (as Little Red Riding Hood) breathe life into the story.
In the video clip for the song you can learn a little more about the course of the story, but it becomes increasingly unclear how the roles are distributed. Is the Big Bad Wolf really that bad? And is Little Red Riding Hood really that innocent?
The story not only tells an old fairy tale, but is rather a message for the present day. It is not always clear who is good or bad, but instead of constantly waging small or large wars, we have to learn to speak to one another again and to respect one another.
The video clip shows that things are not always what they seem. It is difficult to find out who means well with you and more and more often we are deceived and accordingly disappointed. But at some point the fog of the forest clears and the story goes on. At this point it will certainly be better if you have learned to communicate on the way instead of just defending yourself.
History, as well as life, can take unexpected turns, but at the end of every fairy tale there is the sentence: "And if they didn't die, then they are still alive today."

There are other aspects of the story to be seen in the Members Area, as there are two other, unpublished versions of the song, each with their own video clip. You get a little closer to the question of who is good and who is bad. In addition, you will find a lot of additional image material, outtakes and a making off there.

Little Red Riding Hood

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