Little Red Riding Hood
Tom Leathers & Luna Seven

It may be that many people think, that for interpreting a message into this song, you have to go a bit far.
Of course the song "Little Red Riding Hood" is just a song in the end. However, music has always been made to trigger and express feelings in us. It's not about politics or a belief, but about our innermost being.
What I associate with this song is a mix of feelings of tension, insecurity, the desire to control ourselves, fear, but also joy, love, relationship and happiness.
It's about Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Life is about ourselves and the society around us.
In our fairy tale, you could initially think that the roles are clear. The innocent Little Red Riding Hood runs through the woods to the grandmother and the bad wolf follows her. How often do we walk through life and feel like we are in the dark forest? Alone, defenseless and without knowing what dangers lurk around the next corner. Around us we find a society that more and more thinks only of its own interests.
The bad wolf is chasing Little Red Riding Hood, but is he really that bad? He has obviously taken a liking to her and accompanies her on her way. But does he lure her into the trap or does he protect her?

Little Red Riding Hood

Is Little Red Riding Hood really that innocent? She doesn't seem to mind the presence of the bad wolf either. She moves with some caution, but she may also know exactly what she wants and may be able to defend herself better than you think.
What kind of relationship does good and bad develop?
On the way through the woods (life) we sometimes meet ourselves and find ourselves in a role that is also capable of doing bad. We are quick to judge other people and often do not even question their whole story. An opinion other than our own is often enough to signal rejection.
But then there is another side of the forest and there seems to be hope. A spark that lights the way and makes us believe that everything will be fine in the end. The wolf desires Little Red Riding Hood, but he holds back to bring her safely through the forest. He has the face of the bad, but maybe Little Red Riding Hood will recognize the good hidden deep in him?
Or does she let herself be blinded by the outside and end up killing the wolf with the knife, even though it would have been her luck?

There are many questions to be answered. But the most important thing is that we ask the right questions. Who do we direct our questions to?
This one question receives a clear answer: To ourselves!
To find out who is good or bad, we need to ask ourselves open and honest questions.
Am i always honest? Are my actions justified? Is it possible that I am wrongfully hurting someone with my words? Is my counterpart really telling me the truth? Is everything believable just because many believe it? Are there any alternatives that I don't (yet) know?
Just a few of the many possible questions.
In these days and age, we have to be open to change and need to be sensitive when choosing the path.
But we also have to ask ourselves and keep deciding where we want to go.
The good and the bad are in ourselves and in everyone else and are closer together than we think.
One cannot exist without the other.
We have to look at the whole thing and change our perspective in the process. Everything has its purpose. The story began a long time ago. But if they haven't died, then they are still alive today.

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