Little Red Riding Hood
Tom Leathers & Luna Seven

Tom Leathers has reinvented himself!
He has broken away from the idea that you have to fit in a drawer.
He made his debut as a singer with the project "Little Red Riding Hood".
You can find all information about this project as well as all links to the song and the video clip HERE

His latest work "Hard as This" was released on October 1st, 2021.

His previous musical work has largely emerged from the background - as the drummer for the band "Johnny Cash Experience".
Of course, this music is also available on all known portals.

Here are all the links to the music of Tom Leathers and also the works of his former band Johnny Cash Experience:

Tom Darkwolf - Hard as This

Hard as This is a song that was originally interpreted by Lindi Ortega. The song is about a love, but the woman of his heart plays with him and he oscillates between despair and anger. Love shouldn't be so hard - hard as this.

Tom Darkwolf & Luna Seven - Little Red Riding Hood

The first release by Tom Leathers (formally Tom Darkwolf) as a singer in a duet with Luna Seven. More than just a song!

This song tells a story and contains a message for all people.

More information is available on this website under the menu item Little Red Riding Hood

The album "Hit The Road And Go" was the fourth album of the band "Johnny Cash Experience". Tom not only played the drums here, but also managed the recordings of the entire album and fine-tuned the individual soundtracks.

The live album "Prison Experience" from the prison in Duisburg, which inbetween has been torn down, is the band's third album. The concert took place in 2011 in front of around 80 inmates of the prison. There was also a television report about the concert.

"Memories Are Made Of This" is the band's second album and was released shortly before the live album in 2011. The album won the ACMF Award in Austria for the best international album of 2011.

The debut album from 2010 was supplemented by two additional tracks in the second pressed edition. The album laid the basics for the band's success and the two bonus tracks were a thank to the fans.

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