Little Red Riding Hood
Tom Darkwolf & Luna Seven

The musical project was started by Tom Darkwolf, but it would not have been possible without the fantastic musicians at his side.



The guitar is played by Olaf "Mr. St. Blues" Hermann "
With more than 30 years of experience on the stages of the world, Olaf is a professional on the guitar who not only loves his instrument, but also operates it with a unique style that takes the audience's breath away.
His roots can be found in the country style and, in addition to the guitar, he also likes to play the ukulele, banjo and harps.
As the guitarist of "Johnny Cash Experience", he was on tour for years with Tom Darkwolf as a drummer and has appeared on countless stages in Europe.

Martin Maurer

Double Bass

The double bass in Little Red Riding Hood is played by Martin Maurer.
The bass player became known through his formations "Lucky Lunatics" and "Reese & The Rebels" and is currently slapping the double bass for the Johnny Cash tribute "Like Cash". He lives rockabilly and has not only been familiar with the song since the Riding Hood project was launched. The original song from 1966 has long been part of his repertoire and clearly belongs in the direction of rock 'n' roll.
Tom Darkwolf played together with Maurer for "Reese & The Rebels", where they met and talked a lot about life, the universe and everything else.


The drums are operated by Tom Darkwolf himself. His experience as a drummer goes back over 30 years and as a man in the background he has been involved in many successes.
Now he is coming back on stage for the first time as a singer and of course he doesn’t miss the opportunity to accompany his song himself on the drums.

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